How to Motivate to Run


Before reading on, open Instagram on your phone. If you don’t have Instagram, congrats, you have clearly made some good mental-health decisions.

Now hit the “search” button. If you follow runners, the search page will have lots of little squares full of people running with really good posture, as if they learned form from looking at the logo on an Air Jordan. It’ll usually be joyous. Rarely will there be much clothing. There seems to be an inverse relationship between followers and articles of clothing.

Most of those #running results show successful adventures. That makes sense, because social media is a highlight reel by definition. That doesn’t mean people are dishonest, just that dreading a run or pooping uncontrollably in the woods gets fewer likes. As outlined by psychology studies on social-media use, we can know that fact intuitively, yet many of us still internalize the too-clean narrative of social media, turning it against ourselves. Why is my run not that joyous? Why do I struggle to get out the door? Why am I wearing pants?

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