Meet our Team

The Big Dog Fleet Feet team is comprised of the most passionate individuals in running specialty. Their focus is centered around giving our guests the best possible experience time after time as well as ensuring you achieve your needs in lifestyle, fit, customer service, training and product.

Between our two locations (Broadway & Whittlessey), we have a diverse staff. Each person brings unique qualities, perspectives & experiences to the store.  

We are thrilled to have such a great team with a common goal to LIVE FIT!

Each of our staff would love to meet you in person and we all look forward to seeing you soon!

John Teeples - Owner

Reggie Luther - Owner

Carlos Salgado - Store Manager

Carolee Luther - Race Coordinator & Porch Dog to Big Dog Coach

Amanda Bramley - Race Coordinator & Director of Marketing

Noah Churchwell - Fit Specialist

Jes Dickson - Fit Specialist

Bethany Hansen - Fit Specialist

Kate Mullen - Fit Specialist

Cassie May - Fit Specialist

Charlotte Gallagher - Fit Specialist & Yoga Instructor

Kelly Moran - Fit Specialist

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